Event Photography

After putting so much work into organizing your corporate events, you’ll want to remember them. Event photography is a great way to document your important company functions. You can then use these images for future marketing initiatives, social media posts and press releases. Shana Sureck Photography provides corporate event photography services for businesses in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Shana Sureck Special Event Photography Services

Business and Corporate Event Coverage

Fundraisers, press conferences, product launches and other important events can be defining moments for your company. They often signify growth and success, or they can mark the beginning of a new direction for your business. As such, these events should not be kept under the radar. Instead, you should share them with your customers, investors and other industry leaders.

Corporate event photography is the best way to document these important events and generate content to share across all platforms, including social media, newsletters, press releases and all future marketing material. By sharing your corporate event photos, you show the world that your business is thriving. Event photos also present an opportunity to reiterate your commitment to your core values after fundraisers and other charitable events.

Special Event Photography for Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

Schools and non-profit organizations change lives. It is children’s early education at school that sets them up for future success. Just like schools play an essential role in laying a good foundation for students, non-profits are committed to serving underrepresented areas of society. Special event photography for schools and non-profits can showcase the important mission-driven work these organizations do.

Event photography for non-profits and schools can shine a spotlight on the hardships and resilience present in all corners of society. It can bring recognition to the volunteers and teachers who work to enact real change in the world, and it can showcase the children whose lives are changed for the better as the result of their efforts. Event photos can visually convey your organization’s values while documenting the often-thankless work that takes place behind the scenes. And, notably, special event photography for schools and non-profits plays an important role in attracting new donors, volunteers and media attention to help your organization thrive.

Team Work

Trust Shana Sureck Photography with your Event Coverage

Organizing an event can be overwhelming. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and requires a lot of planning. You need professional event photography services to capture events as they take place in order to tell the story visually for all attendees to enjoy.

Every event is different and taking tourist-like photos does not do justice to the event or your organization. With a live photographer capturing the moments as they happen, you are able to show who you are and what your company stands for. Get professional event photography and never worry about being left out in pictures again.

Having an event photographer is cost-effective, practical, and essential for your event’s success. The problem is you have to find the right photographer who captures the mood and feel of your event, as well as your organization’s unique identity.

I offer affordable packages that can be customized for any budget or need, including options

20150521: teacher of the year in Hartford.  (Shana Sureck Photography)

Event photography for businesses, schools and non-profits conveys stories of hardship and perseverance, of sacrifice and collective effort.

The efforts these organizations take to become industry leaders, better children’s lives and serve underrepresented groups is notable and worth documenting to help these initiatives grow.

With over 3 decades of professional photography experience, Shana Sureck Photography is dedicated to telling people’s stories. I offer special event photography for businesses, schools and non-profits in Massachusetts and Connecticut to help shine light on these important organizations.