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Professional Business Photography Services Serving Massachusetts and Connecticut

Online media is at the core of almost all modern business operations. Today, it is nearly impossible for a business to be successful without a website and LinkedIn profile, and companies must adapt by finding new ways to represent themselves digitally. Business photography is one of the effective ways to boost your company’s core online (and in-person) initiatives, such as branding, marketing and social media. Corporate photography also helps leaders showcase their company’s unique persona so they can better connect with customers. Shana Sureck Photography offers a full range of corporate photography services to help your business elevate its online presence.


Why your brand needs professional business photography

Professional corporate photography humanizes your business and supplies you with content for your website, social media pages and press releases. Whether you are introducing customers to your team with professional headshots, giving the public an inside look at an event your company has hosted or documenting the meaningful contributions you make to the community, business photography can help your company improve its transparency and public image.

Headshots for your Team

Professional headshots of your company’s leaders and employees have so many important functions. Whether you are introducing customers to the team behind the brand by featuring them on your website or updating your LinkedIn profile picture ahead of connecting with potential partners, headshots help your company cultivate a transparent-yet-professional persona.

Professional business photographers know how to use the best angles, lighting and environments to capture consistent high-quality headshots that reflect your brand’s professionalism.

There is no denying that the pandemic has exposed a basic truth: without a strong online presence, a business will struggle to be noticed and attract new clients. This is a great time to add new visual content to your website, to your social media feeds and to printed materials from postcards to annual reports. My business photography services can help you engage people with the warmth of your employees, your commitment to community, new products, and stories. From headshots and environmental portraits to shots of employees in the field, engaging with people, shine a light on what makes you unique.

Business headshot of a professional woman

Branding your Business

Branding is more than just your company’s logo and color scheme. Your brand encompasses your identity, mission and overall story. Photography helps tell that story.

Brand photography brings your company to life for consumers, making you more recognizable and trustworthy. It often includes candid photos of your team at work, photos of your products and office space and anything else that makes your business unique. The most important consideration with brand photography is that all images work together to tell a cohesive story about your company.

Photo Coverage of Events

Professional photo coverage of company events allows you to keep your customers, shareholders and other partners up-to-date on your initiatives. Event photos make great content for newsletters, press releases, social media posts and your website. They also serve as a way to share your mission and core values with the public, especially if your business participates in fundraisers and charity events.

The right kind of event photography captures spirit and community, excellence and accomplishment, and helps people see what makes you unique as a mission-driven organization. I have experience working in high-pressure environments with a lot of moving parts. While I will be photographing all the action, you won’t notice that I’m there. My job is to stay in the background and capture the magic of your organization’s event.


Business photography elevates your company’s online presence and professionalism, providing valuable content to share across all channels.

With over 30 years of professional photography experience, Shana Sureck Photography can help you visually tell your company’s story through professional headshots, branding photos and event coverage in Massachusetts and Connecticut.