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Professional Headshots And Business Portraits Serving All of Massachusetts and Connecticut

Shana Sureck Photography offers business headshots and portraits at my studios in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and Hartford, Connecticut, or on-site at a location of your choice. During our one- or two-hour sessions, I work with natural poses and lighting setups to capture the perfect shot for your company website, LinkedIn profile and any other professional outlet. Nervous about your photo shoot? I will provide you with a guide about ‘best practices’ for what to wear, will relax you and make you laugh, and if there are things you want retouched, I’ve got you!!

Business headshot of a professional man

What Are Corporate Headshots?

Corporate headshots are professional portraits in which the subject is typically dressed in business attire and positioned against a neutral backdrop. Business headshots are most commonly used for LinkedIn profiles, press releases, newsletters, business cards, book jackets and company websites, though they have many other uses as well.

When it comes to business headshots and portraits, a skilled photographer can make all the difference in the world. They’ll be able to choose a good background, set up the lighting and make sure that the person in front of the camera is comfortable, looks good, and let’s their personality shine.

Why are Business Headshots Important?

Business headshots provide more transparency into your company by showcasing all the people behind the brand. They are an important tool for displaying your professionalism and making a positive first impression on the customers who visit your website. They are also important for attracting potential investors, who will visit the “About Us” section on your website to learn about the company’s executives.

Corporate headshots are not only important for introducing executives – they also showcase your company’s values. If the “About Us” page on your website features selfies or poorly lit photos, it will make your business appear unprofessional. On the other hand, quality corporate headshots taken by a professional photographer will reinforce your company’s professional values.

Business portrait of a man on a jobsite
Headshot of a female construction worker

Business headshots are also essential for job-seekers. Job recruiters often visit candidates’ LinkedIn profiles during the hiring process. If your profile is up-to-date with a high-quality professional headshot, you will leave a positive impression that might just score you an interview or an offer.

Studies have shown that people decide within 100 milliseconds of seeing someone’s face whether they can trust them. And with professional introductions being increasingly conducted online, your business headshot is one of the key factors in building trust with customers, investors or recruiters. You don’t have a lot of time to prove yourself in today’s fast-paced digital environment, but having a high-quality business headshot can set you apart from the masses.

Business headshot of a woman in her office

Business headshots are essential for all business leaders and job-seekers looking to display their professional values. And taking these headshots is best left to professionals.

An experienced Headshot photographer knows how to create a relaxing space and coach even the most reluctant subject and bring out their best look. The connection between photographer and subject is as important as the poses, angles and lighting.

With over 30 years of photography experience, I know how to capture subjects’ professionalism in a single shot. My business headshot and portrait services in Massachusetts and Connecticut will provide you with the photos you need to spruce up your website and LinkedIn profile.

Photography that celebrates accomplishments, relationships, and the passion behind your company draws clients, investors, and attention. From new headshots to editorial-style images of work, tell the story of who you are and why clients should choose you.