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Professional Business, Corporate and Personal Branding Photography Services in Massachusetts and Connecticut

In today’s digital environment, having a recognizable logo and consistent color scheme for your business isn’t enough to create a strong brand identity. Your branding should represent your company’s identity, mission and story. Branding photography helps you tell your company’s story and express your core values and services. Shana Sureck Photography provides branding photography services for businesses in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Shana Sureck Business & Personal Branding Photography

What is brand photography?

Brand photography is the imagery that brings your company to life for consumers, strengthening your recognizability. Branding photos help create a coherent visual identity for your business through the use of colors, props and relevant subject matter. These photos can document everything from the employees working behind the scenes to your products, services, office space and any other element that makes your company unique. As a photojournalist, Shana Sureck pays particular attention to storytelling moments and the quality of relationships she observes.

Why brand photography
is important

Your company’s marketing and advertising strategies can only go so far without a recognizable brand and a cohesive visual identity across all platforms. Brand photography helps you cultivate that identity while providing you with valuable content for your website, social media pages and marketing content.

Brand Photography
Builds Trust

According to a survey conducted by Label Insight, 94% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that commits to full transparency. Brand photography is one of the best ways to provide customers with an inside look into your company. Brand photos can document some of your outstanding employees working behind the scenes or showcase an important mission your company is involved with. By humanizing your company and educating consumers on the positive contributions you make to the world, you can improve loyalty and increase the overall lifetime value of your customers

People at work chatting around a table. This is an example of small business branding photography
Shana Sureck Youth

Brand Photography Elevates Your Social Media Feed

Professional photos showcasing your products or services will capture attention on social media more effectively than amateur shots. Growing your social media following is one of the best ways to grow your business, and it requires consistency. Brand photography will provide you with ample content to post across all social platforms to promote your company.

Brand Photography Improves Customer Engagement

It’s no secret that images captivate consumers better than blocks of text. That’s why 74% of online marketers surveyed by Venngage said they used visuals in their marketing content more than 70% of the time. Brand photography will help you better market your products to potential customers while also leading to more organic engagement on social media and your website.

20141107:  Hartford Public Library Staff Day Celebration.  (Shana Sureck Photography)

Branding photography has so many practical applications for companies looking to improve their sales, engagement, social media following and overall brand image.

With over 3 decades of professional photography experience, Shana Sureck Photography understands how to capture the aspects of your business that make you unique. My branding photography services will not only provide you with valuable content for your online platforms, but they will strengthen your overall company identity.

Your bar or bat mitzvah photographs will reflect your child’s unique spirit and your family’s story. These images will then be curated into a custom-designed book to be enjoyed for generations to come.