Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography in Massachusetts and Connecticut

A child’s bar or bat mitzvah is a defining moment in their life. As they stand on the bimah, reading from the Torah and Haftorah with celebration to follow, they and their family will feel immense pride as they come of age within the Jewish faith. During these important celebrations, professional bar and bat mitzvah photography will capture the important moments so you can focus on being in the moment. Shana Sureck Photography approaches bar and bat mitzvah photography from a photojournalist’s perspective, capturing candid moments and emotions to make them last a lifetime.

Ritual. Heart. Coming of Age.

A child’s bar or bat mitzvah is a meaningful spiritual time in their young life. Adulthood in the Jewish community comes with many new responsibilities, but it is also an immense privilege worthy of celebration. After your child spends the year preparing for this special event, they will have the honor of performing sacred rituals and reading from the Torah as they accept their new responsibility of living according to Jewish Law. Then, celebration ensues as all celebrate the child’s official coming of age. Candy is thrown, tears are shed, special words between parents and children are spoken. There’s pride and kvelling, limbo and sushi, and then family and friends dance the night away in celebration.

Shana Sureck Photography For Bar Mitzvahs And Bat Mitzvahs

Bar and bat mitzvah photography is meant to capture all of the once-in-a-lifetime moments during the celebration. This way, family and friends can focus on celebrating and being in the moment without worrying about documenting the experience.

A joy to work with

As a photographer, Shana has the rare and magical ability to make everyone at a B'nai Miitzvah feel worthy of leaning in toward their own delicious moment in the light of celebration. With laser sharp attention and precision, Shana's camera is both omnipresent and invisible.  Shana's mitzvah photography captures everything--the sweetness, the poignance, and the raucousness of a simcha--without leaving a finger print behind. She is a joy to work with, able to literally bring out the best in each of her shining subjects who will be forever preserved by her artful eye.

Chaia, mother of a bat mitzvah

The perfect blend of heart and hustle

Shana brings the perfect blend of heart and hustle to everything she does. Her ideas are brilliant and she is a joy to work with. Her understanding of - and respect for - the rituals of Judaism is certainly a plus, as are the technical skills she honed through many years as a photojournalist. But above all, she connects with the kids, capturing their spirit and the true essence of their big day. And that's what it's all about.

— Daniela, mother of a bat mitzvah

She reveals the most amazing spontaneous moments

Shana is knowledgeable, experienced, creative, and empathetic. She worked with us before our two children's Bnai Mitzvot to understand who we were and what we wanted to express and remember, and worked tirelessly at the events themselves. Shana not only delivers beautiful mitzvah photography, but she also  composes incredibly beautiful family portraits that reveal the most amazing spontaneous moments. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah goes by so fast and it can sometimes feel like a blur when it's happening. Every time we look through her photographs though, we can re-live and savor the whole day. Shana captured perfectly the love and pride, joy and silliness of our celebrations! 

— Rachel, mother of a bar mitzvah

Shana Sureck Photography For Bar Mitzvahs And Bat Mitzvahs

Your child’s bar or bat mitzvah will be one of the most memorable and spiritually important moments of their life. It is not only a rite of passage and a celebration of faith, but a time for family and friends to connect and rejoice.

Shana Sureck Photography offers bar and bat mitzvah photography services in all of Massachusetts and Connecticut. With a photojournalist’s eye, I will capture emotions shared throughout the night as generations join together in love to witness your child coming of age within the Jewish community.

Your bar or bat mitzvah photographs will reflect your child’s unique spirit and your family’s story. These images will then be curated into a custom-designed book to be enjoyed for generations to come.