While there are niche photographers who specialize in everything from weddings to architecture, there are also photographers who bring a style, vision and passion to their work, no matter what subject is in front of their camera. I am that kind of photographer. As a former photojournalist, visual storytelling is what I do—whether I’m at a bat mitzvah of a 12-year old girl coming of age; on a college campus, making beautiful images that celebrate students, learning and community; or making pictures for a non-profit that highlight their mission, staff and clients. 

What makes a great photographer goes beyond the images produced. First, we have to 'click' as people. It's as much about trust and relationships as it is about great photography.  After we talk on the phone or via email, I'm happy to come to your home or workplace or have you come to my new studio in Easthampton, MA to talk about your event, help you think through the details, and get to know who you are and what matters to you. After that, I can better make photographs you’ll treasure, pictures that celebrate what’s meaningful to you, capturing important relationships, moments and events in all their authentic richness. 

After the event, I will invite you to my studio to see a slideshow from your mitzvah or wedding, choose pictures for your album, and consider whether you want wall art for your home, gift prints for the holidays, or simply digital high resolution files on a thumb drive. I have learned from experience that too often it's hard to do this culling and deciding in the midst of your busy lives, so I'll be with you from beginning to end, making sure all your needs are met!

Families will treasure the photographs from a bar or bat mitzvah for generations to come. After the food is gone, and the last dance finished. 

For educational and non-profit clients, I think of brand to mean story or mission.

It has more meaning that way. By listening to your needs, I find ways to combine lighting, moment, emotion and connection to celebrate your mission. Anyone can take pretty pictures on an idyllic campus, but it’s about connection and relationship. A photographer has to listen, to hear and get your story, your mission, to come to know what makes students at your school a family/community. I love these conversations. I love being at the table to hear your needs, to hear what you want to accentuate, and to help you think about the best ways to visually tell those stories. I’m easy to work with, help you handle the details of arranging and coordinating photo shoots, and you’ll hardly know I’m there. I’ll even schedule the shoots for you from your list of contacts. From these conversations, authentic pictures that visually celebrate the values and mission of your school, what makes your students a family/community.

In a fraction of a second, the right moment, emotion, expression and light have to come together, As a photojournalist, certain skills come with experience: the ability in a single frame to bring together lighting, moment, expression, connection, and emotion.  I listen. I see. I bring your story to life visually. 


I love people. I love stories. Let me tell yours.