As an award-winning photojournalist who delights in making authentic, storytelling images, I present you with galleries full of love, life, learning and celebration. It's such a privilege to do something I'm passionate about that brings joy to the people I do it for!!  From documenting traditions that infuse our lives with meaning (weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs) to communicating the mission, spirit and values of schools, colleges and non-profits, I am the happiest when engaged with wonderful people, wonderful institutions, and making wonderful, life affirming photographs.

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It's not about the camera. It's not about how many megapixels a digital image has. It's about the heart of the photographer, and about the vision, skill and compassion honed from years of experience. It's about framing an image and waiting for just the right millisecond when faces are full of joy, people are connected, and the light is just right. It's about moments. And love. And being a fly on the wall as life unfolds in all of its spectacular beauty and recording those authentic moments that tell the story of a time and place. 


A bar mitzvah portrait, Beth Israel (West Hartford, CT)

A bar or bat mitzvah ceremony is a very meaningful, unique combination of tradition, ritual and personal style. It is a story. Your story. The story of your family, your love, your dreams. My style of candid, photojournalistic bar/bat mitzvah photography will capture the natural moments, emotions and joy of the day, providing you with a lifetime of visual memories of your celebration and the family and friends who made it complete. 


Achievement First

Whether you are a college, university, or K-12 school, you have a unique institution that deserves great photography which tells the story of your mission, your teachers, your students. In an increasingly competitive market, it's even more important today to visually communicate the spirit and excellence of what happens on your campus -in print and online - to wow parents and students alike. Great educational photography will do that.


Are you a non-profit, or a mission-driven business? Do you do extraordinary work, touch lives and make a difference in the world? Do you have visually and emotionally compelling photographs for print and web to reach your donors, followers, clients, and grant providers? Without storytelling images, does the public know and care about what you do? Let's talk and figure out the best way to tell your story with impact.


Once you've found your soulmate and invited your friends and family to celebrate with you, what else can the day be but fabulous??! And what better way to hold all the memories than with photographs which capture the love and joy and tell your story as a couple.  From getting ready and spontaneous moments to posed family pictures and the first dance, your wedding deserves the best visual storytelling. 


"It is a pleasure, joy, and privilege to work with Shana. Her skills are extraordinary but much more than this, Shana understands how to work with people. She is able to bring out the best in every photograph because she can engage with the folks she is photographing quickly and genuinely. You will enjoy the process and will be very happy with her results." 

                       - Marianne RM Yoshioka, PhD, MSW
                         Dean, Smith College School for Social Work



"I count on Shana because she brings joy, kindness and brilliant ideas along with her camera equipment. It takes an extraordinary person, an extraordinary photographer, to set the kind of tone that leads to honest and powerfully engaging photographs. In each photograph, a lifetime. She’s all that"

                      -  Natalia Muñoz l Verdant Multicultural Media